Review of SILA by Vibeke Wern

“Sila, which premiered earlier in January in Nuuk, Greenland, is a beautiful, evocative and poetic performance.”

Review of SILA by Anne Middelboe Christensen

”The Danish-Greenlandic dancer and choreographer Sarah Aviaja Hammeken has created a sense awakening performance for her company Aviaja Dance – filled with female strength and tenderness”.

Review of SILA by Casper Koeller

“The sound of a net being thrown.
Sarah Aviaja Hammeken’s poetic dance performance SILA not only contains the myth of Sassuma Arnaa from the Greenlandic mythology. The visually beautiful and sonically elegant stage universe – created by composer Gerth Lyberth and light designer Brian Cord’homme – makes the perfect setting for Hammeken’s choreography, allowing the audience to feel and understand the dancers’ story
on stage.“