AVIAJA Dance is a contemporary dance company founded and led by Sarah Aviaja Hammeken.
AVIAJA Dance produces dance performances which aims at captivating its audience through visually stunning stage art with strong morals and a clear message, questioning society in both a local and global context. AVIAJA Dance emphasises intersectoral collaborations as we believe in the synergy of different art forms and want to offer the audience the truly magical sensation that happens between artists and audience.



Sarah Aviaja Hammeken was born in Copenhagen, with Danish and Greenlandic roots. She’s the choreographer and artistic director of AVIAJA Dance.

Sarah graduated from The Ballet Academy in Stockholm and has been a part of Compagnia Zappalà Danza’s youth company CZD2, where she also created the piece Noi Siamo.

She debuted with her first full evening performance, From Ice To Steam, in 2016.
Adjacent to her work on stage, Sarah has choreographed several short films including Direction(s) and HEAT, which have been shown at dance film festivals around the world.

As a dancer she has worked with choreographers like Ilenia Romano, Milan Tomášik, Roberto Zappalà, Israel Aloni and Lee Brummer (ilDance) and Lava Markusson among others.

"Her work usually enjoys a wonderful balance between visual poesy and physical expressiveness which offer the audience a full and rich experience"


PHOTO: Amalie Ivalo Hammeken